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The saying, “you get what you pay for” works mostly for anything free, which most would describe are inferior to paid alternatives, but with some free hosts this isn’t so. It boils down to what you need the web host to do for you. If you are only hosting 1 domain on the free domain hosting site, need little disk space, and little bandwidth, this might be a good option, but in our experience, dealing with free hosts when one needs tech support, is where most of them are lacking.

With hosting as low as $3 a month or even lower these days, that’s not a bad investment. Depending on your needs, you can get decent web hosting for $40 a year and have email, MySQL, WordPress, and a lot more. The competition has gotten fierce, but it all comes back to which web host can provide the best customer service and what their uptime guarantee says. Most web hosts searched will provide a 99.9% uptime guatantee, but if your site is up and you have other issues, you are going to want good support.

Paid hosts are certainly best for uptime as most free web hosts will not guarantee your site will be live at all times, and they often times will shut your site down for certain periods of time during the day which they call “site sleeping.” If you are comfortable with the domain name and web hosting process, giving a free host a try might work for you or you can hop over to our hosting page and purchase one of our hosting packages which are all on sale.

If you are set on trying out a free host and want to save some money up front, check below for a link to one of the best free hosts we have tried. Because out of all the alternatives we have researched, 000webhost has the best results and a very well-organized forum where customers can get answers. There are also very little complaints that we have been able to find regarding this web host. Happy web hosting and as always, if you have questions, please contact us!


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